Fresh tamarind pods

I’ve used tamarind paste before, but have never seen it fresh, so when I saw this box in Sainsburys today in the Fresh Fruit aisle I bought it on spec.

The pods were about 7 cms long. They have abox of tamarinds tough outer shell which you can easily crack with your fingers. Some long strings attached to the fruit will come away with the outer shell, then you need to pull off any remaining strings.

That leaves you with a slightly sticky series of connected bumps. You can then twist one of these off and suck the sticky paste off, spitting out the small shiny seed in the middle.

I liked them! A bit opening a tamarind pod like a date but less sweet.

The seeds can be planted, but your tamarind tree won’t produce any fruit for 10-15 years.

It would be a very long sticky process to get a lot of the pulp off the seeds, so I think I will carry in buying the processed paste for cooking.

Tamarind is a key ingredient in Worcester Sauce and HP sauce.



  1. There’s a good chain of restaurants in Kenya called the Tamarind: nice fresh lobster in Mombasa!

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