Reduce your water bills

You may not know that you pay for all the surface water that runs off your property and into the public sewerage system.

If all the water from your roof and driveway goes into a soakaway or a nearby river or stream, then it isn’t going into the sewerage system and you should get a rebate of between £17 and £50 a year. Check your water bill to see if you are being charged – mine, from Thames Water, said in rather small print on the back that I might be eligible for a £21 rebate.Guttering

Unfortunately installing water butts to collect the water from your guttering is not sufficient to be given the rebate as the connection to the sewer system still remains. And the level of rebate means it is unlikely to be worthwhile to install soakaways just for this purpose

To claim the rebate, you have to fill in a form which should be available from your water company’s web-site, and it may require a visit to your home.

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