Will Aid – your will written for a donation to charity

In November this year, you can get a local solicitor to draw up your Will for a donation to charity. This is an annual event organised by Will Aid who suggest you should donate: £90 for a single Will, £135 for a pair of mirror Wills for a couple and £40 for a Codicil to an existing Will.

Everyone with any assets or children under the age of 18 should make a Will, even if your affairs are really simple.willaidthumb

If you don’t make a Will, this Citizens Advice Guide sets out the rules of intestacy that will be applied. These may not be what you would want, especially if you have separated from your husband/wife but not got divorced; if you are living with a partner you have not married, or if you have an estate of over £250,000 and you have a spouse and children.

Even if the rules of intestacy are what you would want – say you got divorced years ago and you want your estate to be divided equally between your three children – it still makes sense to make a Will because it makes things simpler for your children sorting your estate out. Sorting out possessions, dealing with banks etc are not fun tasks, especially if you are feeling upset after the recent death – they don’t need the extra bit of hassle of hunting around for a non existent Will, or finding the one you made 30 years ago when you were still married and wondering if you ever made a later one.

Many people find the most difficult bit of drawing up a Will is deciding who to put in as guardians for your children if they are under 18. Often there are no neat solutions – your brother who would be great lives in America and already has three children, the grandparents are now getting on a bit, your wife’s sister has always said she never wanted children, so she probably wouldn’t want yours etc etc But it’s still best to make a decision, not duck the issue!

Will Aid publish their list of local solicitors in September – if you put your name down now, they will email you when the list is out. And the appointments can run out quickly, so don’t leave it until November to phone up and make one. Before you go, Will Aid have a check list you can fill out so you will have thought of the important things beforehand.

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