New debt advice website – Debt Camel

Debt Camel logoDebt Camel was launched yesterday – it is a sister site to Dosh & Nosh. If you look at it you will see there is a lot of information in there that just wouldn’t fit neatly into here. So I decided to set up a separate site as the audience for savings and investment news doesn’t overlap much with people who are trying to get out of debt.

So from now on, posts about debts will be on Debt Camel. Whilst Dosh & Nosh becomes concentrated on “personal finance for the solvent”.

Of course some topics don’t divide up neatly. I’ll probably put most posts about Benefits on Debt Camel. And posts about mortgages here on Dosh & Nosh.


  1. I’m loving the Dosh & Nosh site, The camel just makes it look erm different. But yeah keep the posts coming, Love reading them and I always learn something new. I was struggling with debt about 5 years ago and I never had no support, Internet wasn’t that popular either so I didn’t know where to get advice from. Now Im successfully helping other people to help get out of debt. Websites like this are what would have helped someone like me if I knew about it t5 years ago.

  2. I adore it!. It’s very cool!

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