The Ginger Pig comes to Clapham

At last we have a butcher’s on Abbeville Road.  And not just any old butcher’s – The Ginger Pig is a great one!

Most Clapham foodies will already know them from their Borough Market shop, selling amazing sausages so it’s going to be a real pleasure having a local branch.

They say:The Ginger Pig in Abbeville road, Clapham

Our piglets are weaned at three weeks, and are kept in their family groups until slaughter – a pig that is kept with the piglets it recognises is much less likely to fight. The pigs live outdoors (with each family having its own shelter), and have constant access to food to avoid the stress and competition associated with set meal times. They live on a natural diet of homegrown cereal, with a protein content of around 12% to ensure they grow slowly and steadily. They reach slaughter at around 24 weeks, while a more intensively reared animal can be killed at around 15.

And this results not just in happy pigs but in pork that actually tastes of something. Eat The Ginger Pig’s pork chops and you will never want one of those tasteless, rubbery, fatless objects from a supermaket again.

Their beef and lamb also looked excellent. At the large counter at the back of the shop they have great looking pies. And my kids are most excited about being able to have their sausages regularly.

But I couldn’t resist the pork chops today. To have with red cabbage, mashed potatoes and apple sauce from home grown apples. And a Riesling I think. mmmm


  1. I was walking past at lunch and they had the most amazing roast pork, the crackling was perfection!

  2. As a knowledgeable meat eater who works in the food industry I was relatively shocked to see the staff of the new Ginger Pig in Clapham didn’t know what was what! They couldn’t answer my questions and seemed uncomfortable in cutting the meat.
    The tickets were all over the place, some on the completely wrong items and the shop window display was sparse, (Surly it is a well known fact that butchers need an awning to keep the sun from hitting the meat directly?) and things seem pretty much chucked where ever they could find a space. Although the staff we’re friendly their lack of knowledge was off putting and I ended up leaving empty handed. I was most disappointed after having such a brilliant experience at their Borough Market store.

    • The Ginger Pig says:

      Hello Helen

      I’m really sorry to read your message; all valid points, I hope I can add some context. You must have been among the first customers in the shop on our first day of trading, and I can only apologise for the first impression you have.

      Opening a shop, much like any building, moving or training experience, isn’t without its teething troubles, and I’m really sorry that you experienced a few of these yesterday. Our awnings were due to be fitted at 6am that morning, and so when the awning company turned up at 9:10am, we had to turn them away and they’re due back in the early hours of Saturday. They were due to fit the awnings three weeks ago, and it would be fair to say that we’ve struggled to get the company to do as they say they will. I will show them you comments; perhaps they’ll understand the severity of the situation now that we’ve actually had negative feedback as a consequence. We had to move the window display for obvious reason, which is the reason it had been cleaned out.

      We do have some new staff for the Clapham shop, as well as more experienced butchers. The latter type of person is very difficult to find at the moment, what with the thousands of butchers’ shops that have closed, leaving a gap where there was once a highly skilled workforce. What we have decided to do is to take on enthusiastic, keen and energetic employees, pay them a decent wage (as opposed to that of an apprentice), and train them ourselves – we’re at the very beginning of the process, I hope you can forgive us the initial problems you experienced in the shop yesterday. There will always be at least one and usually two experienced members of the butchery team in the shop; if you don’t get what you’re after on first request, please don’t be afraid to ask to speak to someone else. I will speak to the butchery and shop manager and ensure a little closer supervision.

      Again, extremely sorry to read your comments. We’ve had so much positive feedback from others who visited yesterday; I hope you’ll give us another try some time soon – I’d be really interested to know your feedback if you do.

      Nicola Swift
      Creative Food Director
      nicola AT

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