The Ginger Pig comes to Clapham

At last we have a butcher’s on Abbeville Road.  And not just any old butcher’s – The Ginger Pig is a great one! Most Clapham foodies will already know them from their Borough Market shop, selling amazing sausages so it’s going to be a real pleasure having a local branch.

Making sushi

To make sushi at home, you need some special equipment, the ingredients are expensive, it’s fiddly and time consuming.  But it’s a real treat and a lot cheaper than going to a good Japanese restaurant, so I recommend having a go if your family like sushi

The best steak and ale pie

The secret ingredient for this pie is Dragon Stout, from Jamaica. It used to be hard to find, but it is often in the major supermarkets now.  Last night I followed my usual recipe for the filling but a new sort of pastry and it was a great combination.

Fresh tamarind pods

I’ve used tamarind paste before, but have never seen it fresh, so when I saw this box in Sainsburys today in the Fresh Fruit aisle I bought it on spec.