Pension changes – will you take money out?

In April 2015, major changes to UK pensions are being introduced. Pension Wise is the government service that will provide information about what pension options you have. Today the new Pension Wise website has gone live – it’s in “beta test” mode, so it’s still under development. Apart from the government website, there will also […]

Tesco Clubcard password security problem (updated)

Tesco haven’t publicised it, but according to this newspaper report,  they had “a small number of irregular transactions” on Clubcard accounts back in January 2013 **UPDATE – and again in Feb 2104, see below** This post looks at what happened, how you check if you have been affected by this Tesco clubcard password problem and […]

How to save for children

There are six main types of savings for children. This article aims to help you decide which sort of account will work best for your family. It looks in detail at each option: the tax implications, when the child can access the money and how flexible it is. 

Saving for children – the big questions

Every parent wants to save for their children’s future. This article looks at some issues you should consider: how much to save each month, when the child should get the money and whether to keep it in cash or equities. There are lots of different ways to save for children in Britain – thinking about […]

So you are moving into a new place…

A friend asked for tips for her nephew who has just moved into his first place of his own. Which is a sensible question as it’s too easy to assume youngsters will somehow know what to do! Here are some suggestions – if you have any others, please add them below.