Tesco offers no fee, 0% balance transfer

If you have a good credit record and credit card debt, this would be a good time to check out the current 0% balance transfer offerings as Tesco Bank has just zoomed to the top of the Best Buy table with a no fee offering.

Budgeting software

Getting a good budget is the essential first step if you want to get out of debt and can be a valuable tool if you want to start saving more. This post looks at three very different websites that can help. Ideally you want one that is simple to use and very flexible, but these […]

Dieting and debt

Why is dieting like debt? Because too many dieters want dramatic results quickly and go for something daft like the grapefruit diet, or decide to live on just 800 calories a day and start training for a marathon.When they realise they have a debt problem they have to tackle, many people decide to spend nothing […]