Santander’s 123 account – keep it or not?

UPDATE In 2016 Santander have made major cuts to the interest rate and cash back benefits for their 123 current account, cutting its main interest rate from 3% to 1.5%. When I originally write the article below in 2013, it was one of the best deals on the market! But is it still? There are […]

Will Aid – your will written for a donation to charity

In November this year, you can get a local solicitor to draw up your Will for a donation to charity. This is an annual event organised by Will Aid who suggest you should donate: £90 for a single Will, £135 for a pair of mirror Wills for a couple and £40 for a Codicil to […]

Tesco offers no fee, 0% balance transfer

If you have a good credit record and credit card debt, this would be a good time to check out the current 0% balance transfer offerings as Tesco Bank has just zoomed to the top of the Best Buy table with a no fee offering.

Claiming tax relief for your business mileage

Many people who have to travel for their job don’t realise they are entitled to Mileage Allowance Relief. This will reduce your income tax, if your employer pays less than 45p per mile. This post explains how the calculations work and how you should claim the tax relief.

Reducing a double IHT hit

This post looks at what happens  if a person who inherits then dies soon afterwards, and two alternatives for planning to avoid or reduce a double inheritance tax (IHT) hit.