How to save for children

There are six main types of savings for children. This article aims to help you decide which sort of account will work best for your family. It looks in detail at each option: the tax implications, when the child can access the money and how flexible it is. 

Saving for children – the big questions

Every parent wants to save for their children’s future. This article looks at some issues you should consider: how much to save each month, when the child should get the money and whether to keep it in cash or equities. There are lots of different ways to save for children in Britain – thinking about […]

Santander’s 123 account – keep it or not?

UPDATE In 2016 Santander have made major cuts to the interest rate and cash back benefits for their 123 current account, cutting its main interest rate from 3% to 1.5%. When I originally write the article below in 2013, it was one of the best deals on the market! But is it still? There are […]

An unfriendly savings bond

“Tax-free and Friendly Bond” says the heading for this Scottish Friendly product and “Invest from 25p a day and you could look forward to better things”.  Sounds nice doesn’t it? Looking further down the page they proudly announce “No profits are paid to city shareholders meaning they can be reinvested for the benefit of Scottish Friendly […]

AgriBank – one to avoid

You might sensibly not want to put any of your savings with a Maltese bank – after the Cyprus crisis both Malta and Luxembourg look potentially exposed as having very large financial sectors. But if you do, then you would expect your savings to be covered by the Maltese Regulator’s compensation scheme, wouldn’t you? Because […]