So you are moving into a new place…

A friend asked for tips for her nephew who has just moved into his first place of his own. Which is a sensible question as it’s too easy to assume youngsters will somehow know what to do! Here are some suggestions – if you have any others, please add them below.

Contactless debit cards – be careful!

This weekend there has been another story about problems with contactless debit cards – some people in M&S say they have either been charged twice, others that money was taken from their contactless debit card when they were planning to use a different card.

Changes by Quidco – good or sneaky?

There have been two recent pieces of news from Quidco, one of the main British cashback sites. If you don’t use any cashback sites at present, they are a way of getting some money back when you shop online. You pay the retailer the normal price and then get your cashback later through Quidco. The […]

Reduce your water bills

You may not know that you pay for all the surface water that runs off your property and into the public sewerage system. If all the water from your roof and driveway goes into a soakaway or a nearby river or stream, then it isn’t going into the sewerage system and you should get a […]