So you are moving into a new place…

A friend asked for tips for her nephew who has just moved into his first place of his own. Which is a sensible question as it’s too easy to assume youngsters will somehow know what to do! Here are some suggestions – if you have any others, please add them below.

Will employment tribunal fees decrease case numbers?

Today, 29th July, people wanting to bring cases to an Employment Tribunal (ET) will for the first time have to pay fees. The government hopes this will deter frivolous cases and so reduce the £74million annual costs for the Tribunal Service and also reduce employers’ costs.  But will it?

AgriBank – one to avoid

You might sensibly not want to put any of your savings with a Maltese bank – after the Cyprus crisis both Malta and Luxembourg look potentially exposed as having very large financial sectors. But if you do, then you would expect your savings to be covered by the Maltese Regulator’s compensation scheme, wouldn’t you? Because […]