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My name is Sara Williams.  I have been a volunteer adviser at my local Citizen’s Advice Bureau since 2001 and have developed a particular interest in the intricacies of personal finance. This, together with my love of cookery, is why I started this blog.

A bit about my background: After studying economics at university, I went into programming then moved into the City.  My last job was in Business Development at LCH.Clearnet, where I developed RepoClear and SwapClear.

My other interests: I have two children and a spaniel. I was Chair of Trustees of Computer Aid International for ten years. I am interested in science, current affairs and I play some bridge. I am the Web Administrator for ScienceGrrl. You can find me on Twitter as @SaraLondon and I post as ‘manzanilla’ on The Motley Fool.

I am sure you realise this but no investment advice is intended here – perhaps my posts will give you some food for thought, but do your own research before you buy/sell/invest any money.

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Could you help me with my debt situation?

I suggest you look at my other web-site Debt Camel.  It is full of helpful, friendly and common-sense advice about tackling your debts – and of course it is impartial, independent and not-for-profit.

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Should I get a fixed or floating rate mortgage?

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